Condesco delivers consultancy and project management services based on a 30 year long experience with high voltage systems, energy grids (steam, condensate, gas) and electricity generation, acquired with companies such as Electrabel, Elia, Belpex, Tessenderlo Chemie, T-Power (CCGT station), Belgoprocess, Bionerga and currently Borealis as part of the new PDH project.

Condesco provides in-depth technical knowledge and project management capability to companies who wish to improve their energy balance and are considering to invest.

In addition to this, Condesco offers a detailed knowledge of market mechanisms, grid codes and regulated contracts such as connection, access and ARP contracts. Condesco is also specialized in closed distribution grids including the analysis and realisation of energy systems, cogeneration units, engines and turbines.

Condesco is independent and is not linked to energy or equipment suppliers.

More information

Consultancy services

Companies will have to improve their energy use. In this respect, based on its large knowledge and experience, Condesco offers services to structure and develop projects with detailed analysis of business risks.

Project management

If you are considering to realise energy projects, you will need for a certain period of time internal expertise on your side. Condesco provides you this capability reducing technical and economical risks to a minimum.

Single step from concept to commissioning

You might of course combine the consultancy and the project management services. Most projects realised by Condesco were developed from scratch to realisation. This way of working not only guarantees a lean and timely process but also provides solutions that match the expectations.


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